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Car scene is a fucking joke now

Everyone talks about growing up with cars and how they love the mechanics of it and what not.

If you did, than you’d understand that the culture was about not being like another. Standing out, being different, expressing yourself in the work of…

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Making fun of the Porsche 911 GT3’s humongous rear wing.

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LoL thats one way to do it i guess…

Lol, hmmmmmmm.

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if you’re ever sad, disappointed, or down in any way,

remember bunnies exist.

Reblogging again because I just noticed that motherfucking bunny’s head squished in that plastic cup.

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tumblr stupid tbh

like on the real y’all wanna circlejerk over how great japan is with crazy VIP builds, oni camber, the kawashima celica etc. But someone does something different state-side and it’s shit.

The best part is y’all aint building anything special

you’re not cool

you’re not pushing limits

you’re sitting at home 


Not in any place to determine what the standard of cool is…